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February 03 2014

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January 30 2014

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January 29 2014

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January 27 2014

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January 24 2014

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January 23 2014


Leonardo DiCaprio Filmography (2006-2013)
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January 22 2014

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A crack in time

On a drive in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, this strange light appeared in the sky. It lasted a couple of minutes and then dissapeared.

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January 15 2014

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January 13 2014

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January 12 2014


January 11 2014

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Schindler's List
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January 10 2014

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My eye caught a dark form lying on the river bottom. It took me a few moments to comprehend what I had stumbled upon. Lying peacefully in the shallow waters of the river, only a few meters from shore, was a full-grown cougar. The contrast between the serenity of the scene I was witnessing and what must have played out here in the cougar’s final moments made me shiver. It was the first shiver of many, as I stripped down and waded out into the icy water to get this shot. x

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Meh :v
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